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o        "Cycles of American History"

o        "The Crash and Early Depression"

o        "Herbert Hoover's Tragic Presidency"

o        "FDR as National Leader"

         Power Point Presentation

o        "New Deal Work Programs in Central Texas"

o        "Water and Wires:  Flood Control and Electrification in the Lower Colorado River Valley"

o        "Texas Democrats and the Court Fight of 1937"

         Power Point Version

o        "The Election of a Texas New Dealer:  Lyndon Johnson's 1937 Campaign for Congress"

o        "Democratic Dysfunction and the Emergence of the Republican Party in Texas"

o        "World War II Ends the Depression"

o        "The Historical Impact of the New Deal"

Selected Features

         Woody Guthrie: The People's Troubadour

Papers and Presentations

o        "West Texas Swing: Roosevelt Purge in the Land of the Lone Star?"

o        "Waging War with the Regulars: Lyndon Johnson, Tom Miller, and Home Front Politics"

o        "Working Within the System: Lyndon Johnson and Tom Miller, 1937-1939"

o        "Critical Problems; Crucial Decisions: Austin, Texas in the Great Depression

o        "Beyond Denial:  San Antonio and the Great Depression"

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