History 1693

History of Texas

L. Patrick Hughes

Text: The History of Texas, 2nd Ed., Calvert and De Leon

Instructor will provide appropriate study guide materials.


Regular punctual attendance is a course requirement. It is also a component of the grading system for this course. Unexcused absences result in point reductions in your grade. If you must miss a class for a truly legitimate reason, contact the instructor immediately by voice mail or e-mail.

Withdrawal Policy

If you choose for whatever reason to quit attending this course, the responsibility for submitting a withdrawal form to the Admissions & Records Office (and thus protecting your academic record) is yours. I will withdraw a student only by request. The withdrawal deadline is ________________________.

Class Activities

Class time throughout the semester will be spent in several different ways.

Many classes feature the discussion of lecture material. Copies of this material can be accessed in several different ways. The lectures are on reserve at the circulation desk of the Northridge Library. If you so desire, you can either print copies or download the lectures at the Northridge Computer Center. Finally, this material is also posted on my web site. Students will be responsible for informed discussion of the lecture material in the scheduled class session. The specific information you will be tested over is identified in the lecture objectives printed in each unit Study Guide.

Other classes will deal with the review and discussion of textbook material. You are responsible for the development of these reading materials before the appropriate class session. The specific information you should derive from the textbook is identified in the reading objectives printed in each unit Study Guide.

Class time is also set aside for several video presentations and exams.

The Course Syllabus details what will happen each class session. Be prepared for each class.

Grading System

Your grade in this course will be determined by three components: your performance on the four unit exams, your punctual attendance, and your informed participation in the discussion of both lecture and textbook material throughout the semester.

(1) Unit Exams:

This course is divided into four units of instruction. At the end of each unit, you will be called upon to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the material in that unit through an exam consisting of forty objective multiple-choice questions based directly on the reading and lecture objectives printed in each unit study guide.

If you miss an exam and fail to make immediate arrangements with the instructor for a make up, you will be assigned a grade of zero for that exam.

You will need to purchase a packet of scantron sheets from the Bookstore and bring them to class for the exams. You cannot take the exam without a scantron sheet. These packets should be purchased at the beginning of the semester along with your textbook.

Alternative essay exams are available. If you prefer an essay exam, please speak with the instructor immediately.


Collectively, the unit exams will constitute sixty (60) percent of your final grade.

(2) Attendance:

Punctual attendance is a course requirement. Attendance will be monitored daily. This component will constitute twenty (20) percent of your final grade. Each unexcused absence will result in a five point reduction in this component.

(3) Class Participation:

This course is structured around a lively, informed discussion of learning material by ALL students. This includes both lecture and textbook materials. The Course Syllabus specifies what material will be discussed and covered in each class meeting. You need to prepare this material beforehand, be able to answer correctly the relevant lecture an/or reading objectives from the study guide, and contribute to the discussion/review of said materials.

This component constitutes twenty (20) percent of your final grade. Based upon your participation throughout the semester and the quality of that contribution, the instructor will on the basis of consistent observation assign a grade for this component between zero and twenty at the end of the course.

At the conclusion of the semester, final averages will be determined using the following formula: Unit Exams - 60%, Attendance - 20%, Participation - 20%.

Final grades will then be assigned on the basis of the following scale:



Academic dishonesty (cheating) will simply not be tolerated. Roving eyeballs will be stomped on during exams. Exams are to be taken without notes, books, etc. Under college regulations, a student found guilty of academic dishonesty may be withdrawn from the course, assigned a failing grade, and/or expelled from the college. BE FOREWARNED, I ABHOR ACADEMIC DISHONESTY AND DEAL WITH IT ACCORDINGLY.