Full-Time Counseling Faculty Conditions of Employment

  1. I agree to abide by all policies, procedures, and regulations of Austin Community College.
  1. I agree to perform the duties and responsibilities of the position of full-time faculty. I understand that failure to perform the responsibilities of my position, including but not limited to, adhering to time schedules regarding classes, posted office hours, examinations, providing required documentation, and other required duties, constitutes a basis for disciplinary action up to and including termination in accordance with Administrative Rule 6.08.001.  I understand the College retains the right to modify an employee’s duties as dictated by the needs of the College.
  1. I understand with the exception of designated counselors employed in 12-month positions and counselors who are hired after 07-01-07 and who work 11-month contracts, all other counselors are encouraged to work 10.5 or 11 month assignments.  This latter group of counselors may, by special approval of the Vice President, be considered for 9 month assignments.
  1. I understand this agreement is in accordance with Administrative Rule 4.03.003, Faculty Contracts, and the Administrative Guidelines.  I understand this position is also covered by Policy F-8 Due Process Requirements for Employment Terminations and Policy F-4 Faculty Appointments.
  1. I understand that I am subject to reassignment as may be dictated by the needs of the College.
  1. Special Conditions:  Work Schedule will be determined by the VP, Student Support and Success Systems.  
  1. Typographical errors are subject to correction by the Office of Human Resources and initial placement may require modification as approved by the Vice-President of Human Resources.  If such changes occur, the Office of Human Resources shall inform the faculty member in writing.