EA Program

Lottery Participants

If your name appears below, you have been entered into the lottery for tuition reimbursement

for the SUMMER FY 15 semester.

This drawing will take place on Friday, June 12, 2015 at 11:30 AM.

You will be able to watch the lottery from your desk via this link-https://webconnect.austincc.edu/lottery/

If you missed the lottery and want to watch it, you can view it here-


1. Ibrahima Faye

2. Lauren Sebel

3. Dorado Kinney

4. Jennifer Lazare

5. Benny Ligues

6. Lokraj Adhikari

7. Anne Fletcher

8. Erica Ervin


10. Michael Burns

11. Michael Fonseca

12. Stephen Bassett

13. Cesar Martinez

14. Gaye Lynn Scott

15. Charlotte Gullick

16. Willia Bailey

17. Kendra Singletary

18. Shayla Andrews

19. Daniel O'Hanlon

20. Hynek Hejl

21. Caryn Christopher

22. Roman Escamilla

23. Kelle Howard