Human Resources - Compensation
Summary of Hiring Processes and Procedures

The following information provides general information regarding the college’s hiring processes. To request a complete copy of ACC’s Hiring Guidelines for a particular classification, contact HR Employment at 223.7534 or 223.7015.

Applying for ACC Job Opportunities
Applicants and employees interested in applying for ACC job opportunities may apply online on the Office of Employment and Outreach Services web page located at A single online application may be used to apply for multiple positions. New jobs are posted weekly on the ACC website and closed positions are immediately removed from the website and other advertising sources. All ACC positions are open until filled.

Equal Employment Opportunity Employer
Austin Community College ensures equal employment opportunity for all applicants and employees without regard to race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age or disability. All decisions on employment will be based upon the principles of equal employment opportunity.

Submitting Supporting Documents for Employment Application
ACC’s online employment application allows users to upload resumes and/or cover letters. Supporting materials are optional unless otherwise noted on a job posting and allow applicants to provide additional information regarding their employment history. Such documents may not substitute for an employment application or employment history section. Applicants who submit supporting documents are required to also complete the employment history section of the employment application.

Submitting Transcripts for Employment Opportunities

Transcripts:  Applying for Faculty and Adjunct Positions
Official transcripts are required when applying for faculty and adjunct faculty positions. Applicants may instruct their educational institutions to mail their transcripts (indicating awarded degree(s) which qualifies them for a position) directly to the Highland Business Center, Attn: E.M. Breedlove, Employment Manager, 5930 Middle Fiskville Road, Austin, TX 78752. Photocopies of transcripts and transcripts stamped “Issued to Student” are not accepted. Application materials will be reviewed for employment consideration after the application and transcript are received in the Office of Employment and Outreach Services.

Transcripts:  Applying for Professional-Technical Positions

Applicants who are awarded Professional-Technical positions are required to provide an official transcript within their initial 90 days of employment; however, such applicants are not required to provide a transcript at the time they apply or interview for a Professional-Technical job opening.

The HR Employment Office documents applicants in the applicant tracking database. HR Employment will insert into a new employee’s personnel file the original transcripts when first employed with the college. Transcripts of applicants not selected for employment will be filed in HR Employment for up to one (1) year and then sent to the college warehouse to be stored for two (2) additional years.

Position Vacancy Notices:  Posting Internal & External Positions
Position Vacancy Notices/Job Postings are advertised on the college website at and at HBC in the Employment Office, room 607. Each PVN gives a summary of the essential functions of each vacancy and the required minimum education and work experience. PVNs will also indicate locations, work hours, and expected knowledge, skills and abilities of a position. PVNs are coordinated by HR Employment and Outreach Services (x37015).

Hiring supervisors may advertise a vacancy internally or externally. Internal vacancies must be advertised for a minimum of five (5) working days prior to the hiring chair’s first review of the applications. Internal positions are appropriate when a position requires specific, extensive knowledge of ACC operations. Only current employees may apply for internal positions (including temporary ACC Hourly employees). Internal postings must be approved by the Executive Vice President or highest level administrator.

External positions must be advertised for minimum of ten (10) working days prior to the hiring chair’s first review of applications. Applicants currently employed with the college and individuals who do not work with the college may apply for advertised external positions. Hiring officials may be asked to extend advertising whenever necessary i.e. evidence of low applicant pools, critical amendments made to the job posting etc. All supervisory and management positions must be posted.

Once a position is posted, the description cannot be changed. Supervisors must review the requirements prior to posting and make any changes before the position is posted.

Closing Dates
Closing Dates are advertised on each ACC job posting advertised on the college website. External job postings are listed with closing dates that are approximately ten days from the day positions are advertised/re-advertised. Internal job posting are listed with closing dates that are approximately five days from the day positions are advertised/re-advertised to the public.

Applications are not accepted after the closing date of a position. ACC’s hiring tracking system, ACCe-Hire automatically removes jobs postings from the website at 12 midnight on the closing dates of each position. While the goal is to make hiring selections six weeks from the time a position is advertise, Committee Chairs may opt to re-advertise positions when they have an insufficient number of applicants in their applicant pool.

Committee Chairs may request to re-advertise positions online by logging into ACCe-Hire at Then go to the module link titled, “Posting a Vacancy” and then click on the link titled, “ Re-Open Posting.”

Hiring Committees must review all applications submitted prior and/or up to the closing date.

Employment Requisitions
To post/advertise a Non-Faculty Staffing Table position, an Employment Requisition Form needs to be submitted through the ACCeHire system. This form needs to be made available by the Sr. HR Specialist before the hiring supervisor can login and complete the form. The form will be generated through the ACCeHire system when one of the following happens:

A supervisor has submitted an Employee Separation form and the employee has confirmed their Employee Separation form.
HR Records receives a Staff Personnel Authorization (PA) indicating a change of status from one Staffing Table position to another is occurring.
HR receives a request from a budget authority or hiring supervisor to fill an existing position vacancy (contact or 223.7576).

An email will be sent automatically to the hiring supervisor when the Employment Requisition is available online.

Once a requisition is submitted and approved in e-Hire by the second level supervisor, HR Records releases the requisition to HR Compensation. HR Compensation will review the position description. The Supervisor will be contacted if additional changes are required for the position description. HR Compensation submits requisition to HR Employment upon the approval of the position description.

HR Employment creates job postings and ads for newspapers and online recruiting sites. Requisitions must be approved and submitted by the second level supervisor by 5 pm on Tuesdays for same week posting and advertising. Job postings will appear on the ACC website posted as “New” each Friday at 2 pm. Supervisors are encouraged to utilize e-Hire’s requisition tracking system to identify the status of a requisition.

Advertising Vacancies
The Office of Employment and Outreach Services advertises all Staffing Table positions in the Austin-American Statesman, The Villager, and the La Prensa newspapers. Vacancies will also appear on ACC’s cable Channel 19 and the Texas Workforce Center’s Job Source web page. Initial advertising costs are paid for out of the HR college advertising budget.

Hiring committees may find that extended and or specialty advertising may be helpful when recruiting pools of qualified candidates. Advertising in print and online ad sources that specifically relate to higher education or ad sources that may provide exposure to audiences regionally or nationally may also better assist hiring committees with identifying candidates for hard to fill positions. 

Supervisors may make additional/specialty advertising requests online at Automatic email responses are sent confirming all online requests. Associated costs with specialty ads and additional advertising requests are charged to the department. The Employment Manager will seek approval of ad costs prior to the placing ads.

Employee Photo Identification Cards
To enhance the level of safety and security on all campuses, ACC has implemented an employee identification system. Employee Photo Identification Cards will be administered to all Staffing Table employees and Adjunct Faculty .

ACC employees may obtain Employee Photo ID Cards at the Highland Business Center in HR Employment and Outreach Services, 6th floor, room 607 according to the following schedule:  Mondays – Fridays  8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Employee may also obtain IDs at any ACC Admissions and Records Office.

To obtain an ACC Photo ID Card, employees must present a government/state distributed picture identification card i.e. a driver’s license. Employees must also provide a Datatel account number or the last four digits of their Social Security number.

New Employees
New employees may obtain photo ID cards after the completion of working three (3) business days. ID cards may be secured from HR Employment and Outreach Services, HBC, 6th floor, room 607.

Hiring Committee Membership Training
Committee chairs and their committee members recruiting for full-time faculty vacancies are required to participate in the Faculty Committee Membership Training prior to conducting interviews. Members of this group should contact the appropriate Dean to obtain training information.

Committee chairs recruiting for Staff vacancies are required to participate in the college’s Hiring Committee Membership Training prior to conducting interviews each year. ACC employees who have been selected for a hiring committee, but have never participated on an ACC hiring committee are required to participate in training prior to the start of interviews. Committee chairs are held accountable for conducting the hiring committee appropriately. Experienced committee members are encouraged to update their interviewing skills once each fiscal year through training. Employees may register for training online through Professional Development at

Components of a Hiring Committee
A hiring committee is led by a committee chair. The committee is established to assist with the process of screening, interviewing, and recommending candidates for employment. Supervisors and budget authorities responsible for advertised vacancies may serve as or appoint a committee chair.

A hiring committee should consist of members who have a direct and indirect business relationship with the department/program area of the vacancy. Committee chairs may recruit committee members as non-voting participants who are not employed with ACC, however, their participation must be justified with indirect activities involved with the college’s department/program. Committee members are held accountable for obtaining any necessary approvals from their supervisor whenever absent from their primary work duties due to committee participation. When developing a hiring committee, committee chairs should complete a Hiring Committee Membership form and consider the following:

  • Recruit committee members employed in the department/program area of the vacancy
  • Recruit a minimum of at least one employee outside of the department/program area
  • Recruit potential members of various ages, ethnicities and genders
  • Recruit employees with moderate to high levels of participation interest
  • Recruit members with diverse professional backgrounds
  • Recruit employees of various lengths of employment
  • Recruit committee members from various employee classifications (applies to non-faculty vacancies)

Hiring committees must:

  • Consist of a minimum of 4 members or 3 members for internal positions
  • Commit the time necessary to participate fully in the interview hiring process
  • Review all applications
  • Interview and identify qualified candidates
  • Make recommendations
  • Assist in developing written, weighted criteria (applies to Faculty vacancies)
  • Be validly constituted

All committee members participating on hiring committees are expected to keep confidential the identity of all applicants who apply for any given position. The actions and decisions of a hiring committee must also be kept confidential throughout the entire employment process. Breech of confidentiality may lead to the dismantling of a hiring committee and in some cases, void an applicant pool. Please contact the HR Employment Manager at (512) 223.7015 for questions, concerns, or comments regarding issues pertaining to the confidentiality of hiring committees.

Committee chairs are to reinforce interviewing strategies delivered in Committee Membership Training. The committee is encouraged to:

  • Welcome candidates and maintain a comfortable atmosphere
  • Introduce themselves to candidates by name and title
  • Inform candidates of the process and anticipated timeframes for final selection
  • Describe the general nature of the position and position expectations
  • Use a standard set of legal questions for interviewees
  • Allow time for candidates to ask questions and time for the committee responses
  • Be cautious in making comments preceding or following interviews that may be misinterpreted by candidates
  • Conclude interviews by “thanking” candidates

It is recommended that committees should interview a minimum of five (5) applicants for each position. If there are not a sufficient number of “qualified” candidates, the hiring chair should contact Erica Breedlove to discuss more advertising or targeted advertising. Committee members must interview candidates based upon the posted requirements (education and experience); those with the most experience must be interviewed.

Contact HR Employment at 223.7015 to request hiring guidelines for any classification or for additional information.

Applicant Testing
Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) any employment testing must be validated. Thus, hiring committees should not ask for applicants to demonstrate (ie, make a presentation or show some skill) or be tested. If a position requires a great deal of writing you may ask the applicant to bring in writing samples, but you must also draft (in writing) the standards that will be used to evaluate the materials (punctuation, grammar, etc.). Then, all applicant submission must be evaluated on the same criteria. The review of the material must be documented.

If you desire to use any type of test or demonstration, please contact the HR Employment Manager for a review of the requirement. Once approved, the type of test and evaluation criteria must appear on the job posting.

Full-Time Faculty Positions
Applicants may submit applications for each full-time faculty vacancy advertised on the ACC website located at HR Employment delivers application packets to the appropriate VP on a weekly basis. Once interviews are concluded, the hiring committee submits a Recommendation for Employment form with three recommended candidate names (in alpha order) to the Dean and the Vice President or Executive Vice President. Application materials should accompany recommendations. The President approves the final recommended candidates.

HR Compensation will prepare an offer of employment to be extended upon receipt of the approved Recommendation for Employment form. HR Compensation will inform the Dean of the new employee’s start date. HR Employment will notify all non-selected applicants by mail that the vacancy has been filled. For additional information regarding Faculty hiring practices, please refer to the Faculty Hiring Guidelines available in HR Employment.

The Office of Human Resources will fund travel for interviews for full-time faculty positions for a limited number of positions in accordance with the budget allocation. The Dean shall make a request for funding to the Vice President of Human Resources prior to the anticipated interview date. The Office of Human Resources will facilitate travel, arrangements, and the process, as needed.

Adjunct Faculty Positions
HR Employment and Outreach Services advertises Adjunct employment opportunities on the ACC website at Applicants may apply to be included in the Adjunct pool by applying for those areas advertised online. To request application packets for review, Deans may contact EOS at (512) 223.7229. The application packet will include application materials and copies of official transcripts. EOS must receive an official transcript from an applicant’s education institution upon hire. Applicants applying for ACC’s Adjunct employment opportunities are required to contact their education institution to request that their transcripts (indicating highest degree awarded/degree that qualifies him/her to teach in the discipline area) be mailed directly to Highland Business Center, Attn: E.M. Breedlove, 5930 Middle Fiskville Road, Austin, TX 78752. 

The Deans and departments participate in the employment process by screening, qualifying, interviewing, and recommending candidates. All final selections are made with the approval of the appropriate Dean and the appropriate Vice President or Associate Vice President. HR Employment and Outreach Services notifies all applicants of the status of a position once the department renders a decision.

Credentialing and Adjunct New Hires
New hire packets are hand delivered to HBC on the 6th floor in HR Employment and Outreach Services (EOS). Deans are responsible for ensuring the credentialing/recertification of all new and returning Adjuncts. Coursework and additional transcript information for returning Adjuncts must be reviewed and re-evaluated prior to submitting new hire paperwork. Deans should retrieve the SAC’s files of returning Adjuncts Faculty . Required new hire forms are listed on the “Adjunct Hiring Paperwork Checklist” form and may be found online under Adjunct forms at . Incomplete new hire packets or faxed miscellaneous hiring forms are not accepted.

Hourly Employees
Supervisors may advertise their hourly vacancies by contacting HR Employment by email sent to Requests for advertising for Hourly positions received before 3 p.m. will appear on the ACC internet the following work day. Once a candidate has been selected departments are to contact HR Employment to have their job posting removed from advertising.

ACC Hourly or temporary employees are limited in the number of hours worked and are not eligible for benefits. See General Provisions of the Employee Handbook and review the Hourly Guidelines on the HR website at for details about the work schedule and hours worked.

New adjunct faculty are placed on the adjunct faculty salary scale at Level 1, Step 1. Once they teach two semesters, they qualify to be placed on the salary scale based on education and previous college-level teaching experience. Such placements become effective in the fall semester after qualification criteria are met. Adjunct faculty will be requested to submit educational credentials and identify previous college-level teaching experience for placement purposes.

New Staffing Table employees are placed on the appropriate pay scales based upon education and/or experience as it relates to the position description and requirements. HR Compensation will determine the salary level and contact the applicant to make an offer of employment, confirm start date, and schedule the employee for orientation. The immediate supervisor will be notified of the status of each applicant selected for employment.

Criminal History Record
ACC requires pre-employment criminal checks for certain positions in accordance with ACC policies. The information secured includes convictions, probation, and deferred adjucation. Applicants will not be hired until the history has been confirmed and evaluated. All such records will be treated as confidential information. In accordance with ACC policies and applicable law, an individual may be disqualified from further consideration for a position if there is a negative history. If an applicant is recommended for hire and has a felony record, the supervisor will have the opportunity to review the record and make the hiring decision.

Recommendations for hire will be reviewed by the Office of Human Resources to ensure compliance with EEO/AA regulations.

Re-employment is the selection of a former employee to fill a position with a classification other than the one held immediately prior to separation or who has had a break-in-service greater than twelve (12) months. Placement and compensation will follow the policies and procedures governing placement and salary determination for new employees. The employee may be required to submit a new I-9 and W-2 forms.

If an employee is involuntarily terminated or does not leave in good standing, the employee may not be eligible for reinstatement. Reinstatement is the selection of a former employee to fill a position in the same classification as held immediately prior to a break-in-service of twelve (12) months or less. The employee will be placed at the salary previously held prior to the break-in-service and be eligible to receive any fiscal year increase. The employee’s vacation accrual rate will be reinstated at the accrual rate they were receiving prior to the break-in-service. Sick leave will be reinstated to the hours accrued prior to break-in-service minus any contribution(s) to the Sick Leave Pool. Insurance benefits will be reinstated in accordance with the college’s policies and procedures. Contact HR Records (x37227).

Official Documentation
In meeting its standards for accreditation, Austin Community College is required to maintain files of faculty that document academic preparation. In the case of faculty who teach in technical and applied programs, documentation of work experience or professional competence must also be maintained. All faculty must complete an ACC application, comply with House Bill #638, and submit official transcripts of their highest degree that qualifies them to teach. An official transcript is an original document imprinted or embossed with a college seal and submitted directly to ACC, Bobetta Burns, 5930 Middle Fiskville Road, Austin, TX 78752 by the institution of higher education.

Email and ACCeID

Faculty and Staff
New full-time faculty and staff will be given their ACC email address and ACCeID during Employee Orientation. They will need to visit the IT website for instructions on how to get their email password, activate their ACCeID, and to see other online services available to employees.

Help Desk URL:

  • Click on Employee Information then Services for New Faculty Members or Services for Staff Members
  • or call 223.HELP

Hourly employees should contact the Help Desk to obtain their ACCeID, email address, and password after their start date.

  • Help Desk Number: 223.HELP