Human Resources - Compensation

ACCeTime is the online electronic timekeeping system used by all ACC employees except adjunct faculty members and Continuing Education instructors.

The objective of ACCeTime is to:

  • provide a tool for effective time input for all classifications of employees;
  • minimize the time spent reporting an employee’s work time;
  • increase the accuracy of time reporting;
  • provide a system for automatic deduction and reporting of accrued leave;
  • reduce manual payroll processes;
  • allow supervisors to review and approve employee time reports;
  • provide online history of timekeeping records; and
  • enhance payroll controls to achieve organizational goals.

Instructions for the eTimesheet system may be found at the following HR web address:

Employees paid bi-weekly must enter both their time worked in hours and time absent (leave time) for each day. Employees paid monthly must enter only absences.

Hourly and Classified Employees

  • For most pay periods, the eTimesheet must be completed and “Submitted” by the employee by Tuesday at midnight, following the end of the biweekly pay period.
  • Supervisors must “Approve” eTimesheets for all their employees by Wednesday at midnight, following the end of the biweekly pay period.
  • During holiday periods there may be earlier submission and approval dates for the eTimesheets. Please refer to the Pay Day Schedules/Holidays section for information concerning specific dates. The pay day schedules are also available on the HR Payroll website at the following address:
  • Total hours worked cannot exceed 40 hours per week, unless the employee has received prior approval from his or her supervisor.
  • Approved overtime hours are paid at 1.5 times the regular hourly rate of pay, and are calculated only on hours actually worked over 40 hours per week.
  • Classified employees paid monthly check Online Services for pay schedule.

New Hourly Employees
A new employee’s eTimesheet will not be available until the employee’s position assignment has been submitted and approved in the P.A. system by the employee’s department. Upon approval, HR Records will upload the assignment. Please refer to the Pay Day Schedules for due dates for position assignments. If the position assignment has been processed and an eTimesheet is not available by the end of the employee’s first pay period, please contact Jeanette Landry in HR Payroll at or at 223.7523.

Supervisory Chain
When an eTimesheet is submitted by the employee, it must be approved by his or her supervisor. A reminder to approve the eTimesheet by the deadline date will be sent to the supervisor, as well as to the next level supervisor. The employee will also receive a reminder notice when his or her supervisor has not approved the eTimesheet.

If the supervisor position is vacant, the eTimesheet will roll up to the next level supervisor. This is an automatic process except for Hourly employees.

To correct the supervisor on a position assignment, please complete the Request to Change Supervisor form, available from HR Records in HBC. The form is also available on the Hourly Personnel web page at the following address:

We hope you will find the eTimesheets System convenient, accessible and easy to use. If you need assistance, please contact Chista Shirazi, HR Payroll Manager, at, or at 223.7527.