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Frequently Asked Questions On the Position Analysis Questionnaire (PAQ) Process for Employees

  1. What is the FY06 Compensation Study? ACC has hired Public Sector Personnel Consultants to conduct a comprehensive compensation study. This study is in two parts.
    • The first part is the Classification Study to “classify” or define ACC jobs and re-write the job descriptions. This is the part in which ACC staff will participate through the Position Analysis Questionnaire process.
    • The second part of the study is the Compensation Study. In this part the Consultant will conduct a customized market survey and after the analysis of that data, will recommend new compensation methodologies for ACC.
  1. Who is included in the Compensation Study? The Classification study includes all Classified, Professional/Technical employees, and Adult Education Instructors. The Compensation part (Market Survey) includes those groups of employees as well as full-time Faculty.
  2. Why are we conducting a Compensation Study? Over time our current job descriptions and compensation scales and methodologies have gotten out of alignment. This Consultant will conduct an analysis of the work performed at ACC for each position, and create new job descriptions that reflect the updated level and scope of work performed. The Consultant will also conduct an analysis of the market for each job and place each job according to its market reference.
  3. Will we be getting big raises? It’s too early to anticipate that! If some positions are determined to be under market the Board will have to approve any proposal for adjustments. However, no employee will have their salary reduced.
  4. Where can I get more information? Check the Human Resources web site for information on the study and updates on the progress being made by the consultant.
  5. What is the PAQ? The Position Analysis Questionnaire (PAQ) is a form that asks detailed questions about the work performed for each position. Remember, the PAQ is about a position and the work that the position is responsible for, not about job performance. If you complete the PAQ, focus on what you do, not how well you do it.
  6. Who completes the PAQ? Each employee Staffing Table Classified, and Professional/Technical employee and AE Instructor is to complete a PAQ form describing the work that is performed.
  7. What is the PAQ Process Timeline?

November 14-18

Information Sessions held for Supervisors

November 28, 29 & 30

Employee Project Briefing Sessions held by Consultant

November 28-December 9

All Classified and Professional/Technical employees, and Adult Education Instructors complete the PAQ forms and submit them to immediate supervisor

December 9- January 4

All supervisorys review the PAQ forms in their department, add comments, sign them, and forward to next supervisory level or to HR, as appropriate

January 5

All PAQ forms are due in HR Compensation

January & February

Consultant reviews and conducts analysis of all PAQs for Classification


Appeal process opens after employees are notified of Classification results

  1. When do we complete the PAQ form? Employees may complete the PAQ from November 28th - December 9th. Please give your completed PAQ hard copy to your immediate supervisor as soon as you have finished working on it.
  2. Why do we have to complete a form? Can’t we just use the Job Description? No, many of our job descriptions have not been updated in a long time. In some positions, the work currently performed may not be accurately reflected in the current job description. The PAQ process will assist the Consultant to write new job descriptions.
  3. Where do I find a PAQ form? The electronic form is available on the HR web site ( as a Word document that you can download to your computer and work on at your desk.
  4. How do I download the PAQ form to my computer? Click on the PAQ form on the web and it will open. Just “Save As” to the desktop or a file in your computer. Once saved to your computer you can work on it and save your work.
  5. But I don’t have a computer because I don’t work at a desk. What do I do? Your supervisor will make a computer available to you to ensure that you have the opportunity to participate in completing a PAQ form.
  6. But I can’t type very well . What do I do? You have some choices.
    • You can try to type it yourself.
    • You can get help from a co-worker, but not your supervisor, who knows how to type. If you get someone to help you type your answers, they must be very careful not to change or add to your answers. Also, they must state that they helped you type your answers and sign the first page of the PAQ when it is printed.
    • Or you can print, or write neatly on a paper PAQ form, adding additional pages if needed. (If you add pages, be sure to put your name and title on them, along with the question you are answering, and staple them to the PAQ form!)
  1. English is not my primary language. I may not understand the questions. What do I do? Your supervisor can get someone to translate and assist you in understanding the PAQ questions; the person may translate your answers into English. The translator must state that they translated for you and sign the first page of the PAQ form when it is printed. The translator may not change or add to your answers.
  2. What are all these sections ? It looks complicated! Here is a summary of the PAQ Sections:
    • Section I – all employees complete this section. The questions are about the work you perform.
    • Section II – all employees who are also a supervisor complete this section. These are questions about supervising.
    • Section III- your immediate supervisor completes this section. This is a review of your PAQ, additional comments from your supervisor, and their approval/signature of the PAQ.
    • Section IV – any next level supervisors who are neither your immediate supervisor nor the final level of supervision completes this section. This is a separate Word document on the web. It is a review of the PAQ, additional comments, and approval/signature. Completion of this section depends on the organizational structure of your department.
    • Section V – this is the final level of approval of the PAQ, by an Administrator or AVP or VP. It also is a separate Word document on the web.
  3. What if I have questions while completing my PAQ form? Each campus has a PAQ Representative, listed below. You can ask your PAQ Representative any question about the PAQ process. He or she can assist you with questions, but may not give you answers to the questions on your PAQ.  

PAQ Process Campus Representatives

CYP: Linda Haywood, or 3-2002

EVC: Kathy Judge, or 3-5015

HBC: Vicki West, or 3-7502

NRG: Tobin Wiegand, or 3-4882

PIN: Judy Van Cleve,, 3-8103

RGC: Julie Todaro, or 3-3071

RVS: Sue Bloodsworth, or 3-6230

SVC: Theresa Harkins, or 3-1164

  1. I’m new at ACC, what do I do? Discuss your job description and what you already know about your job with your supervisor. Answer only the questions on the PAQ for which you have had experience. Your supervisor will fill in the gaps when he/she completes Section III.
  2. Can we complete a PAQ as a group? Yes, but only if you share the exact same title and exact same immediate supervisor. If you complete a PAQ as a group, all employees in that group must list their names, titles, and contact information on the first page of the PAQ, and each employee in the group must sign the end of Section I. If any employee in the group performs different duties than the others, then that employee should complete a separate PAQ.
  3. Some of us share the same exact title and supervisor, but a few do not want to complete a PAQ as a group, is that OK? Sure, just because coworkers have the same title and supervisor, it is not required that they complete a group PAQ.
  4. If I type this PAQ as a Word document, can’t others change my answers later on? No. No supervisor can change your answers. To ensure this, you will not forward the PAQ to your supervisor electronically. When you have completed your PAQ, print it, then sign it, and give the paper form to your supervisor. Be sure all pages are securely fastened together. And be sure to save a copy for your files.
  5. What happens if my supervisor does not agree with my answer? Your supervisor does not have to agree with your answer. Your supervisor may see something that you have overlooked and add it in Section III. Your supervisor has been asked to show you what they have added or show you the areas with which they disagree. You do not have to defend your answers. The Consultant is an impartial party and is very experienced in job analysis. They may contact you or your supervisor, or department head, if they need additional information.
  6. What role does HR have in the PAQ process? The Human Resources Compensation Section is responsible for employee communication about the PAQ process. They will also receive all PAQ forms when they are completed by the final level of supervision. Each PAQ will be reviewed for completeness, logged in and tracked in a database. HR Compensation will ensure that each PAQ is in departmental order with an organizational chart, has a current job description attached, and is given to the Consultant.
  7. What if a position is vacant or the employee is on leave?
    • If a position is vacant, the immediate supervisor will complete a PAQ based on the job description and what is known about the position.
    • If an employee is on leave and expects to return before the PAQ process is completed in January, the immediate supervisor should work with the Compensation Manager to allow the employee the opportunity to complete the PAQ outside the timeline.
    • If the employee is on extended leave, and is not expected to return, the immediate supervisor should contact the Compensation Manager to discuss options.
  1. Will positions be frozen? If the Consultant finds that a position is above the market, it may be necessary to freeze the salaries. The Board will make those decisions based on the recommendations from the Administration.
  2. What is expected at the end of the study? The consultant will be recommending new titles, new salary scales, and new job descriptions.

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Frequently Asked Questions On the Position Analysis Questionnaire (PAQ) Process for Supervisors

  1. What is a Position Analysis Questionnaire (PAQ)? The PAQ is a form that each Classified, Professional/Technical, and Adult Education Instructor will complete to provide the Consultants with detailed information regarding each ACC staff position.
  2. Why should I attend an Employee Project Briefing session? At the Project Briefing Session the Consultant will explain the scope of the project, provide a summary of the process, explain their roles in the process, and respond to your questions. Additionally, the PAQ process and form will be reviewed.
  3. How do I sign up for a Project Briefing Session ? You can use the Professional Development web site to choose the session you wish to attend. The link is: , just click on “Available Workshops” under Professional Development opportunities to sign up.
  4. Will I receive Professional Development credit for my participation in the PAQ process? Yes. You will receive one hour Professional Development credit for attending the Project Briefing Session.
  5. The PAQ form is long and looks complicated, I am not sure I know how to answer all the questions. What should I do? Complete the PAQ form as best you can. If you have questions or concerns on how to answer any question, discuss it with your supervisor.
  6. Do I have to participate in the PAQ process? While it is strongly requested that you participate in the PAQ process, you will not be forced to participate. However, if you do not compete the form, the Consultant will only have your current job description from which to make their Classification determination. Employees who do not participate in the PAQ process are not eligible for the Appeal Process.
  7. Several ACC employees hold the same title I do, and we have the same supervisor. Can we complete one PAQ as a group? Yes, if employees who share the same title and report to the same supervisor wish to do so, they may work together complete a single PAQ form. All the employees who submit the PAQ as a group, must ensure that all their names and signatures are on the PAQ form before submission to their supervisor. HR will make rooms available at HBC for the purpose group completion of PAQ forms. The supervisor of the group wishing to do so should contact Shari Rodriquez at 223-7563 to coordinate the room and time. At the campuses, the supervisor can request a room to accommodate the group activity.
  8. Once I complete and sign the PAQ form, I have to give it to my supervisor for review. How do I know that my supervisor will not change what I put on the form? Your supervisor will review your PAQ form to ensure that you are defining all the aspects of your job in a realistic manner. If your supervisor disagrees with your answers, he/she should discuss it with you for clarification. You supervisor is not allowed to change your answers, but should make comments to indicate agreement and/or disagreement with your answers. You may complete the PAQ form electronically by downloading it to your computer. However, when you are finished with it, you must print it, sign the printed forms, and submit only that printed form to your supervisor. Of course, you may keep a copy of r your records.
  9. Can I complete the PAQ form during work time? Yes. Your supervisor has been instructed to work with you to allow the time you need to complete the PAQ form.
  10. How long does it take to complete the PAQ form? The answer to that will vary with the complexity of your job. Most PAQ forms can be completed in two to three hours. Some will take much less time, and some may take more.
  11. How long do I have to complete the PAQ form? The employee involvement in the PAQ process will begin on Monday November 28 th, with the first Employee Project Briefing. You should complete and submit your PAQ form to your immediate supervisor no later than Friday December 9 th.
  12. What happens to the PAQ form after I complete it? Your PAQ form will be reviewed by your immediate supervisor, and by as many next level supervisors required by your department, until it reaches the final level of approval at the Dean, AVP, or VP level.
  13. What happens to the PAQ form after it is reviewed and approved by the final supervisory level? Upon final departmental approval, all the PAQ forms will be sent to Human Resources Compensation Section to ensure completeness. There, the PAQ forms will be logged in, and prepared for the consultant.
  14. What does the Consultant do with the PAQ forms? The Consultant has a team of employees who will ensure each PAQ forms is reviewed at least three times to ensure their understanding of your job. The Consultant may contact HR, department heads, or your supervisor for additional information if needed.
  15. How else will the Consultant gather information about ACC jobs? The Consultant will conduct up to 100 one-on-one or small group interviews with ACC employees to ensure they have a complete understanding of ACC jobs. Most likely the employees to be interviewed will be incumbents of unique jobs, that only they hold.
  16. What is Human Resources role in the PAQ process? HR is responsible for communication about the PAQ process, arranging the Employee Project Briefings, ensuring every eligible employee has a PAQ form, logging and tracking the PAQ forms, and preparing them for the consultant. HR will not change anything on your PAQ. The PAQ forms will be reviewed for completeness, a position identification label will be attached, and the forms will be sorted according to the organizational chart.

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