Administrative Rules

Subject:   Pass/Fail Option AR# 4.01.013
Based on Board Policy: D-1, Statement of Instructional Philosophy
Recommended by Council/President: Academic and Campus Affairs Council
Date Approved/Amended: 06/18/1997; amended 12/02/98, 11/03/06

Value Statement 

The Austin Community College District will provide flexible educational opportunities to students including, when appropriate, a pass/fail grading option.

Administrative Rule

The pass/fail grading option is available for a course only if the college catalog specifies this option.  If a given course permits two options of a letter grade or pass/fail grade, the student must declare the pass/fail option by the last day allowed for add/drop.  Students may not change the pass/fail grading option status after the add/drop date.

A passing grade is defined as the equivalent of a "C" grade or better.  A "P" (Passing) achieved in a course under a pass/fail option will not be used in calculating cumulative GPA.  An "F" (Failing) received in a course taken under a pass/fail option will be used in calculating GPA.

A student may take a maximum of 10 semester credit hours in the pass/fail option format.

Instructional Departments, upon approval by the Dean, will determine the courses in their respective degree plans in which a student could exercise the pass/fail option.


President/CEO:    Stephen B. Kinslow Date:     07/09/07